What To Expect

Here’s an example of what to expect at your first meeting at Trinity Odessa Toastmasters. Every Toastmaster group is run a little bit differently. The primary structure and roles are the same from meeting to meeting. How meetings are conducted and formatted vary based on the culture of the group and the presiding Toastmaster of the day. We are the friendly club, so expect to be warmly welcomed.


Our club is noted for it’s structure and adherence to a timely meeting and agenda. Attached is an example agenda from a recent meeting. If this is your first visit, give it a glance so you know what to expect.
Click to View Sample Agenda PDF

First Time Visitors

Yes! you will get the opportunity to speak!
What’s the point of coming to Toastmasters, if you don’t get to practice public speaking? We’ll get you talking on your first visit. You will have three voluntary opportunities to speak:

  • Visitor Introductions (30-60 seconds)
  • Table Topics – Voluntary – Guided Impromptu exercise (1-2 minutes)
  • Summary – share your experience of the morning


At the end of the meeting, our VP of Membership will hand you a member packet. It will include an application to join Toastmasters, a recent Toastmaster magazine, and other literature to acquaint you with Toastmasters. Officers will be available after the meeting to answer any of your questions.

Trinity Odessa Toastmasters Tuition Schedule

New Members

Upon joining Trinity Odessa Toastmasters, our VP of Education will strongly encourage you to sign up to give your first speech called the “Ice Breaker Speech”. We ask that you give this 3-5 weeks after joining. This speech is 4-6 minutes long, and is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the club members. It’s not mandatory that this speech is memorized, but we do ask that you practice this in front of family and friends.

The objectives of the Ice Breaker Speech are:

  • To begin speaking before an audience
  • To discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need attention

You will also be encouraged to sign up for meeting roles so that you can begin learning the technical mechanics of Toastmaster leadership.

Within a couple of weeks of joining you will receive login instructions for enrolling in our Pathways education program.