Meeting – Sept 14 PHOTO

Fri, September 14th, 2018 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Kelly
Speakers: Parveen

Table topics this week were a blast! We used the “Jar of Opportunity” and prefaced each prompt with “During a Hurricane….”

During a Hurricane…..
The fashion I love the most is…. apparently was not heels or a life jacket.
If I had a superpower, it would be…. the ability to rescue those who didn’t heed evacuations, just so I could scold them.
I am a piece of paper, before I’m discarded, I want to be used as….. folded into a life raft to be used to hold all the scolded rescues.

Therefor, Nick awarded the BIG FISH award to the SS Jonathan, for holding all those people!
speech award

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