Meeting – Nov 9 [PHOTO]

Fri, November 9th, 2018 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Laurean
Speakers: Jonathan & Kaylee

We had a great meeting, jam packed with guests – who all did a remarkable (hilarious) job with Table Topics today.

Jonathan gave a manual speech, sharing with us his obstacles as a combat veteran – as we head into Veteran’s Day. He reminds us that when we habitually “thank a veteran for their service” that we remember what they did to deserve such a thanks. Many have sacrificed their personal moral code, to be combat soldiers, and with that comes huge challenges back at home.

Kaylee gave her 10th speech and reminds us of the importance of goal setting. She coupled this with her story of adult trauma, and how goal setting enabled her to survive and thrive.

Today’s Big Fish award goes to Kaylee for completing her 10th speech, hence earning her the Competent Communicator Award. Congrats Kaylee!

big fish award

Kaylee (left) and Laurean (right)

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