Meeting – May 4

Fri, May 4, 2018
Toastmaster: Kelly Harden
Speakers: Jodi & Kaylee

Today’s word of the day was “shambolic” a british term used to describe chaotic, disorganized, or mismanaged events – this is the opposite of a typical toastmaster meeting.

Today’s speakers gave fantastic speeches, and Jodi did a wonderful job showing off her new found powerpoint skills as she tackled project #5 (which is multimedia). Kaylee was very descriptive in her speech #4 as she described Mermaids & Merman and enlighted us on the history of mermaids. Don’t think any of us in attendance can look at the Starbucks logo the same again. Laurean evaluated both in preparation for tomorrow’s contest.

Big Fish Award of the Day goes to Jodi & Tanya for sharing the Timer role.

Big Fish Award of the Day goes to the pair that split the timer role.

May 5th Reminder:

Division International Speech Contest scheduled from 9-11am.  The contest location is at Ashton Gardens, 12951 West Linebaugh Ave in Tampa.  If anyone is attending and would like to help with the contest and fill a role please contact Barbara De Simone at for more information.  Please add this event to your calendar and join the club to support Laurean Callander in her International speech competition, hear some great speakers from other area contests and perhaps attend an impromptu Cinco de Mayo lunch celebration afterwards?

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