Meeting – Mar 23

Fri, Mar 23, 2018
Toastmaster: Elizabeth

This was Elizabeth’s first time as Toastmaster, and she led a very lively and bubbly meting. Kaylee and Nick were our speakers today. Kaylee gave her third speech and walked us through something she uses every day at work at the gym – the A.B.C.’s of closing – “Always Be Closing”. She was really impressive with what she taught us… maybe because her boss was sitting in the audience as a guest (no pressure!). Her boss, a previous Toastmaster, volunteered as our Timer today, and really raised the bar on utilizing humor when reporting times.

Nick provided an overview of the new Pathways Communication & Leadership tracks that will be rolling out in May for our District. Nick lickened the new Pathways program to attending college… there are some basics for everyone, and you get to “major” in a particular discipline by choosing the lessons (electives) that you want to learn and master. More coming in April about this new program that affects all new Toastmasters and those who haven’t earned a CC yet.

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