Meeting – Mar 22 [PHOTO]

Fri, March 22nd, 2019 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Stephen
Speakers: Cathy & Kelly

Word of the Day: genteel : polite, refined, or respectable, often in an affected or ostentatious way.
Shall we all give evaluations in an encouraging and genteel manner?

Cathy gave her Pathways Level 1-2 speech and discussed the difference between being inspired to do something and being committed.

Kelly gave an AWESOME speech on Communication Styles and really drove home the four types of communication styles exampled by how we buy a couch. Needless to say… she had me pegged! In this project, Kelly aimed not only to learn and demonstrate her own communication style – but to get better at gestures, stage presence and speaking extemporaneously. She did very VERY well!

Big Fish award this week goes to Carlos – for his first ever Evaluation and for being a natural speaker. GREAT JOB CARLOS!!!!

Steohen (left) presenting Carlos (right) with his first BIG FISH award for his first ever evaluation! You reeled it in!!!!

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