Meeting – Mar 1 [PHOTO]

Fri, March 1st, 2019 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Laurean
Speakers: TableTopics Bonanza!

What a fantastic open house meeting we had today! We had a great group of good-sported guests and a buffet of delicious breakfast items.

Today’s meeting was run as a full Table Topics session with a twist…. we played Toastmaster Jeopardy! What is Toastmaster Jeopardy? Pick a category, pick a dollar amount, get a categorized prompt. Whoever wins the most points, wins the Big Fish award for the day! We played Double Jeopardy for Double the Points and even had a Daily Double…. Toastmasters and guests took multiple turns in competition to win!

Prompts included…
If you lived on Sesame Street, who would you want as your neighbor?
A: Bert and Ernie because they obviously know how to get along with others (and throw a great party!)

If you could only eat at one restaurant for the next five years, where would it be?
A: Chilis – because their vinagairette is the bomb!

What is the first thing you notice when looking at someone from the opposite sex?
A: Bleep — blip bleep be bleep be bleep — Bleeeeeep. Tall, confident bleep – bleep – bleeeeeeep!

Speakers Big Fish Award

Parveen won this week’s Big Fish Award with 2,300 Jeopardy points!

toastmaster banner

Our new banner with ribbons!!!!

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