Meeting – Feb 1 [PHOTO]

Fri, February 1st, 2019 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Stephen
Speakers: Kalie and Ahmed

WORD OF THE DAY: Gibble-Gabble (noun) senseless chatter
USAGE: Today, try to avoid gibble-gabble during table topics just to get to GREEN!

Certainly the theme of this meeting was TEACH. Kalie taught us how to teach the young adults in our life about responsible financial stewardship – and Ahmed taught us how a young adult taught him a life lesson.

Feel free to share Kalie’s handout to help young adults learn about budgeting with this tool: simple-budget-worksheet.pdf .

And a BIG shout out to Parveen – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Today, we had 4 guests and a full room! Table Topics were a delight utilizing the jar of opportunity – guests and members alike participated keeping us wide awake early in the morning.

speech award

Big Fish Award goes to – Joel-Ann for her creative use of the English language during her Evaluation.

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