Meeting – August 3

Fri, August 3rd, 2018 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Mike Giglio
Speakers: Parveen, Kelly & Mike
Word of the Day: Agog – eager & happy; akin to having google eyes

Today’s meeting was preceded with our monthly officer meeting. The officers reviewed our club success plan and discussed the upcoming speech contest on September 21st.

Mike, our TM of the Day, was right on point and did a remarkable job keeping us tight to the schedule with packed speaker slots. My job was the Ah counter today, and didn’t get to enjoy much of the meeting as my hand was tirelessly tallying our excessive uses of “And”… obviously today’s favorite word! Our president, Nick, likes it so much, it’s his favored repeat: “and and”.

Parveen gave her Pathways icebreaker speech. Her icebreaker was a nice walk down memory lane for how far she’s come this past year in Toastmasters, the growth she has experience and the feedback in her real world related to her speaking. Truly a model of working the program.

Kelly gave her 10th speech and earned her Competent Communicator award. CONGRATS KELLY! Her speech walked us through how she finds happiness every day.

Mike, presenting out of the Club Success Manual, educated us on how to give better evaluations and even had time for Q&A after his speech. I think we all learned a little something today… including how messy the inside of Mike’s mind looks!

Onward and forward to next week!

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2 Responses to Meeting – August 3

  1. Congrats Kelly!!!
    So exciting to see you grow over your 10 speeches.
    Can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Kelly, I really enjoyed your 10th speech! This was the most relaxed you have ever been in front of the room and the most enjoyable you have been as a speaker. Congrats on earning your CC!!!

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