Meeting – Aug 17

Fri, August 17th, 2018 @ 8am
Toastmaster: Nick
Speakers: Santiago, Mike & Tanya

Thank you to all the amazing speakers today

Santiago did his 2nd pathways speech, about what inspired him.

Mike did a speech out of the Story-telling book from Toastmasters. Who knew stone soup could be so good.

Tanya did her 2nd pathways speech, about The Power of Tanya.

As always in the Trinity-Odessa Club, we enjoy listening and giving feed back to help with self-growth when speaking publicly. Our evaluators Kelly, Mike and Jodi, did a great job stepping up and helping with that.

We had a lot of members in attendance today as well as one guest Ms. Erin Desimore. I look forward to speaking wither later and getting her feed back.

Our new members where also in attendance (some a little late, but we cleared that up).

We didn’t give away the Big Fish award, but we will be sure to add that to next weeks meeting.

There are plenty of spots for next week – if you haven’t signed up for a role, I encourage you to do so.
~~ Elizabeth

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  1. sorry I missed you guys today. Heard all three speeches were spectacular!

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