Meeting – April 27

Fri, Apr 27, 2018
Toastmaster: Jodi
Speakers: Steve & Kelly

Today’s theme could be considered the “Good Sport” theme, as Jodi volunteered for a couple of meeting roles at the last minute, in addition to being the Toastmaster of the Day!  This certainly earned her this week’s BIG FISH AWARD.  Steve gave his IceBreaker speech today and taught us the miraculous link between growing up in an orphanage and becoming a successful entrepreneur.  We are all convinced on one of his many secrets to success.  Kelly continued with the business theme and shared her secrets to effective negotiation as she nailed her 5th speech with resounding success!  The purpose of the 5th speech is “How Your Body Works” while giving a speech, and although she kept returning to her ring spinning habit, Kelly certainly demonstrated willingness to learn this new skill of intentionally using hand gestures and body movements to make a point or emphasize a point.

Stephen presenting Steve his IceBreaker award

Jodi earned her BIG FISH award today!

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