Meeting – April 13

Fri, Apr 13, 2018
Bad Luck Busting Brunch!!!
Toastmaster: Parveen
Table Topics Master: Elizabeth


What a fun meeting we had! Everybody brought something tasty for brunch, and it was a hearty meal shared by all. The bulk of the meeting was a specially prepared extended session of Table Topics. Elizabeth pitted speakers against each other to sell a “surprise” object. Whoever sold it the best won the round. We were splitting our sides with laughter with how far some people would go to sell a calculator, a tape measure or even a staple remover! At one point, I thought I would pee my pants when Steve K. whipped out the tape measure strapped to his belt. Our guests were great sports and put up tough competition as the guests outwitted some of the members with their quick witted humor. At the end of the hilarious meeting, that was intended to be a learning environment for learning sales skills and not comedy night, Steve Katona was presented with the BIG FISH award of the day.

speaker award

Steve Katona

leader award

Competent Leader Awards
Kalie Hawlie, Laurean Callander

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  1. This was a fantastic meeting! Really enjoyed the change in format and the spirit of our guests joining in the fun.

  2. Looking forward to the meeting!

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