Meeting – Apr 6

Fri, Apr 6, 2018
Toastmaster: Laurean
Speaker: Elizabeth

We had a HAPPY meeting today with a large group of first-time guests, curious about what we are all about. There were some unfilled meeting roles that the TM “Voluntold” and filled on the spot by two good-sport Toastmasters – Parveen & Abby. Thanks! Elizabeth’s speech #7 (showcase researched topic) took us through the statistics of homicides in America, as a sequel to her previous speech about teenage bullying. This was an opportunity to see the rare and serious side of Elizabeth. Laurean kept the HAPPY theme lively by reminding us that we will all die at some point, but what do we do to live a HAPPY life until then? Kaylee led us through table topics and our guest – MIKE – did a fantastic job (holding years of TM experience in his back pocket). He did so well, that Laurean bestowed on him the BIG FISH trophy… the newest tradition in the club. An audaciously big sparkly trophy given to the best speaker of the day. Mike’s 1:27 Table topic earned him this honor!

best speaker award

Guest – Mike – First recipient of the BIG FISH award.

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2 Responses to Meeting – Apr 6

  1. Great meeting. The website is fabulous, thanks Laurean.

  2. Thankful for our guests & good sports in our group. Certainly a group worth looking forward to each week! 😉

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