Meeting Roles


This is the member who is “in charge” of the meeting. The Toastmaster makes sure everyone and everything is in order before the meeting starts and that the meeting runs smoothly. There is always a theme for the evening and during certain times in the meeting you can speak on the theme, if you want, but you need to be aware of the time so you can keep the meeting on track.

Our Sergeant of Arms is responsible to lead the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.

As Grammarian you will be listening to everyone’s word and language usage. You will be looking for awkward use of the English language with some helpful suggestions to improve, as well as excellent grammar and well-placed phrases. Another part of the Grammarian’s job is to come up with the Word of the Day. Give the definition of the WOD and an example of the use in a sentence. During the meeting you listen for the use of the WOD by those present at the meeting.

Ah Counter:
The duty of the Ah Counter is to listen carefully to everyone who speaks during the meeting and note words and sounds used as a “crutch” or “pause filler”. These sounds include (but are not limited to) such sounds as Ah, Uh, Um and an elongated So. Terms such as “like”, “you know”, long pauses and other filler phrases may also be tracked.

​The purpose of the Timer role is to keep the meeting on track by helping the Speakers, Evaluators and Table Topic Speakers to stay within their allotted time. There are also several other times, during the meeting, when the Timer is asked to track time (such as a minute of silence so members can write praise and helpful tips for the speakers concerning their speeches.)

General Evaluator:
This is the member who, during the meeting, is assigned to evaluate anything and everything that takes place throughout the meeting, e.g. was the meeting organized, timely, did something stand out to make it awkward as well as what went well. The General Evaluator is also the member who “Evaluates” the Evaluators.

​This is an essential role in Toastmasters where a member gives a prepared speech as they practice and learn the various aspects of speech-giving. These are timed speeches based on criteria in the Competent Communication (CC) manual such as Organizing Your Speech, Vocal Variety, Gestures and Working with Words. Once you finish all 10 projects in your CC manual you will have earned your CC (Competent Communicator) award and can then move forward in one of the fifteen Toastmasters International Advanced manuals. The first speech is your “Icebreaker” and is recommended that you give this within a month of joining Toastmasters.

​The evaluations (feedback) are what set Toastmasters International apart from other speaking organizations. As the Evaluator you are telling the speaker what, you feel, he/she did well, but are also giving some suggestions that you feel would help them to improve in future speeches.

Table Topics Master:
The Table Topics Master is the member who leads the impromptu speaking segment of the meeting. The topics are connected to the Theme of the meeting and should be general enough to allow all participants to speak.

2017-2018 Officer Induction

A Toastmaster club couldn’t run effectively without great club leadership.  Here is a snapshot of our current club officers.

club officers

Left to right: Barbara (Area Director), Mark (Seargant of Arms), Steve (President/Treasurer), Gaby (Secretary), Ed (VP PR), Kalie (VP Membership), Jodi (VP Education)